Monday, 2 July 2012

Bumble Bee

My beautiful baby cousin is turning one today:) I love you Bumble Bee, happy birthday😃

Sunday, 1 July 2012


My Miraculous Mother

 Dear Who Ever Is Reading This,
My name is Jacob. I would just like to share my thoughts with you.My mother is an amazing person who I idolize and admire because she is in my opinion is the best mother in the world, In 2003 she had two twin boys, Owen and William. When they were born they were perfectly normal but they didn't talk by the time they were three and William had crazy obsessions like when he pulled every single loose string out of the couch until we had to throw it out and was violent and could not sit still. Owen liked to line things up and throw things, he didn't eat much food and cried all the time. Neither of them liked toys. My parents took them to a Doctor and they were both diagnosed with severe Autism. They are nine years old now and do not talk. William is Obsessive compulsive and has severe ADHD and Owen doesn't eat  anything except a 100 dollar formula which he drinks from a bottle. Will doesn't like to be touched and Owen doesn't like animals. When I stand back and watch what is happening in my family I see a Mother and Father trying to please and keep their kids safe, I also see two boys trapped in their own bodies trying to get out. There have been horrible times in our family, like when William decided to dive under moving  cars and jump off the roof, or when Owen ran away and was missing for four hours, or even like the time we had to give our family Dog away because Will pushed her the wrong way and nearly got himself killed. The only thing that has kept this family sane is my mother, the glue that sticks us together and the loving woman who cares for us and is kind to us. Even this year she stood up for me when i was bullied in school and home schooled me and saved me from depression. Our house has been on the market for four months and she is the only one who kept her calm and got us through it. I love her very much and just want to share with you who the best mother in the world is... Stacey . If you ever have the time please check out at my Mom's blog to see our story at thank you for reading this.

Sincerely, Jacob